Beyond accessibility.

Yes, we're doctors. We're also patients, designers, technologists, academics, data scientists, and engineers passionate about exploring technology's potential to improve lives.

We believe:

Collaboration with clinicians should go beyond a roadmap and rubber stamp. Digital health users require more care than engagement metrics. Effective mental health tech can only come from true transdisciplinary collaboration among clinicians, patients, product and tech teams.

The demand for mental health care is much bigger than the supply; we need to do better than simple accessibility, because you can't scale a shortage. As clinicians and former patients, we're familiar with the pain points on both sides and have ideas that go beyond telehealth.

Why us?

Most (nearly all) digital therapeutics focus on direct to consumer solutions or completely ignore the burdens of the clinician as well as how therapy works. Our solutions incorporate crucial aspects of therapy and provide real time feedback for clinicians and patients.

Digital therapeutics are archaic skeuomorphisms of an already archaic form of therapy. Our solutions focus on the mechanisms and function of behavior change rather than the form of therapy.

We take advantage of digital techniques to augment treatment rather than forcing an evidence-based treatment into a incompatible method. Most digital therapeutics are inflexible with research or real-life clinical practice. The flexible nature of our approach is designed for next-gen mental health care.


Chelsey Wilks is a Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor in health and data science at University of Missouri-Saint Louis. She did her post-doctoral training at Harvard University, and worked at Microsoft where she developed and evaluated digital therapeutics. See her complete bio here.
Jenna Xu is a creative technologist who works with early stage mental health startups as a product development, design, and prototyping consultant. She previously worked at Mindstrong as a product designer and software engineer, and did her Masters at ITP, New York University. See her personal portfolio here.

We work with everyone, from tech companies to early-stage startups to people with ideas. We also run experiments and build ideas of our own.

If you're interested in working with us, email us at or book a meeting.