Current Projects

SMS Interventions for Insomnia

The goal of this research is to establish a proof of concept for developing and evaluating a regimen of personalized SMS interventions based on daily self-report for individuals with chronic sleep problems. Study is underway as of January 2022. Patent pending.

SMS Interventions for Depression

A quick follow-up to the foregoing study, with the purpose of adapting its technology to an unrelated and particularly intractible issue, focusing on behavioral activation.

FirstThen MVP

We're helping FirstThen with the product design, development, and prototyping of science-based, family-centered digital solutions for families with children with ADHD.


Adya is a platform for small, live, audio and video group workshops, designed by college students, developed with clinicians, and guided by trained facilitators. On Adya, students can receive support on themes ranging from practical life-skills, such as building healthy relationships and financial management, to directly addressing mental health, such as managing stress and anxiety.

We work with everyone, from tech companies to early-stage startups to people with ideas. We also run experiments and build ideas of our own.

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